Here’s an idea for some holiday fun. If you are an outdoorsy type and live near the beach then make the most of your surroundings and get surfing. We have already seen in other blog posts that exercising outdoors is brilliant for our mental health and surfing is also a fantastic way of staying physically fit. It strengthens the core muscles as well as the shoulders, back and legs and let’s face it, surfers tend to look pretty well toned too!

Not only does it strengthen and tone, surfing is also a great cardiovascular workout. Think about all that paddling you need to do on the board to get out to sea, not to mention the swimming required if you come off, which I suspect you will if you are a beginner! All joking aside though, surfing isn’t easy so some lessons would be recommended to get you started to make sure your technique is right to avoid injury and get the most out of it and also to keep you safe. The sea can be a dangerous place so it’s essential that you¬†know which areas of the water are safe to surf in and to know your limitations. Try searching online for lessons in your area.

Once you know what you are doing, get practising and before you know it you’ll have a beach body that others will envy and you will have done it while having a lot of fun!

Post byJessica Fitly

I'm a personal trainer, I eat clean and because of that I'm keen, lean and ready for action.