Exercising is all well and good but resting is just as important. If you over do it you could be going backwards rather than working towards your goals. You need to listen to your body and if you are feeling ill should take it easy for a couple of days and make sure you get plenty of sleep for your body to recuperate.

Your fitness instructor will have put rest days into your programme and periods of rest within your workouts. These are important and there for a reason. Whatever your goals are, whether it’s to build muscle, tone or lose weight, your body needs recovery time and a chance to process what you have done to it. It’s also important for you psychologically to take a break so you don’t become too obsessed with exercising and leave time for the other important things in your life, such as spending time with family and friends or perfecting your latest healthy recipe.

Post byJessica Fitly

I'm a personal trainer, I eat clean and because of that I'm keen, lean and ready for action.