While the sun is out and the days are long it really is time to make the most of the great outdoors. Turn off those TVs, put down those tablets and get outside. Perhaps you enjoy going for walks or a bike ride or perhaps a more leisurely time spent gardening is more up your street, but whatever you do, being outside is great for our health and while the weather is good let’s make the most of it.

For the more adventurous why not look up outdoor activity centres near you. They tend to offer a wide range of activities from rock climbing to kayaking and more. If you are more of a winter sports person you could check out one of the outdoor artificial ski slopes that are around, so you get the best of both worlds.

If cultural activities are more your thing, then taking a tour of the gardens of a stately home or exploring the ruins of a castle probably clock up more steps than you would realise, making them great exercise as well as a wonderful learning experience.

Whatever you decide to do, get exploring.

Post byJessica Fitly

I'm a personal trainer, I eat clean and because of that I'm keen, lean and ready for action.