When exercising it’s good to have a bit of variety in your routine. You may find yourself spending a lot of time in the gym but getting outside into the fresh air has a lot of benefits both for your physical and mental health. Whether you’re up for a long hike or some extreme sports or just a stroll around the block, everything helps.

Walking is good for you!Someone Clever

If you’d like to stay even closer to home then why not get gardening. Not only will your flower beds look neater and your neighbours be happier that your grass is tidy but it is estimated that forty-five minutes of gardening burns the same number of calories as 30 minutes of aerobics and just think how much you have achieved as well as exercising! If you change jobs between lawn mowing, crouching down to weed and cutting hedges with manual shears then you’re getting a whole body workout literally in your own back garden and it’s completely free!

If you like to socialise while working out there are running and walking groups in most areas, details of which can be found online and you could also apply to be a volunteer gardener at a local arboretum.

If you are making excuses that you don’t have time to walk to the shops, then jump on your bike instead, it’s roughly twice as quick as walking and has the bonus of being better for the environment than jumping in the car.

So,┬áremember, don’t just be a gym bunny because walking is good for you!

Post byJessica Fitly

I'm a personal trainer, I eat clean and because of that I'm keen, lean and ready for action.